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About us ...

Suds On Tap uses all natural ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin or eczema, these mild soaps will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.


With Suds on Tap, you will experience a premium lather you simply will not encounter with store bought soaps and will leave your skin feeing nourished. Our beer soap is made with real beer, which gives a great lather!  Same goes for the bars with Select Barrel Canadian Whiskey & Coconut Rum.

We take pride in producing delightful, hand-crafted bars and bath bombs. Everything from measuring and mixing raw materials and adding decorative touches with the greatest care and attention to detail. No two bars are alike!  Choose your colours, scents and finishing touches.  We even do personalized labels. Perfect for a unique gift, wedding favours or for guests at bridal or baby showers.  At Suds on Tap, we also design gift baskets that make a charming present for any occasion.  


All natural ingredients in our shampoo bars will leave your hair soft and manageable. No conditioner required.


"Hair of the Dog" is our line of shampoo bars for your pet.  


All bars are environmentally friendly. No plastic going into the landfill.


Soap - coconut, sunflower, olive oils, water, 100% essential oil.

Charcoal Soap - castor, coconut, olive oils, water, tea tree, 100% essential oil, activated charcoal.

Shampoo Bars - olive, almond, castor oils, water, 100% essential oil.

Shampoo Bars for Pets - olive, coconut, sunflower, castor oils, lemon juice or vinegar, water, tea tree oil.

Skin Cream - jojoba, almond oils, 100% essential oil, Shea butter.

Bath Bombs - baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, water, 100% essential oil, coconut oil.

Bath Salts - baking soda, water, epsom salts, 100% essential oil.

Testimonial from Kristen, Professional Model

I use Suds on Tap soap on a regular basis and won't use anything but!   

I strive to use natural products and trust all the ingredients put into these bars.

Recently, I have been suffering from extremely dry skin on my face.  

I started using Suds on Tap skin cream, and I am in love!

I slather it on every evening and sometimes in the morning if my skin is feeling dry.

it on every evening and sometimes in the morning if my skin is feeling dry.  

I love the moisture it provides, it absorbs immediately, and it smells amazing.

It does not leave my skin feeling greasy.  

I appreciate that it is all natural with minimal ingredients. The love and care put into each product  is apparant and does not go unnoticed.

Thank you Suds on Tap!


  Indulge in a luxurious life!       






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